“I volunteered at Friends Galway for a few months helping with basic IT, it was a great place to volunteer with lovely people and a great atmosphere. The shop is a great asset to the community, bringing people together and learning new skills and hobbies. The people running and volunteering in the centre do a phenomenal job of helping the learners and making everyone feel welcome from the moment they enter the door. I’d highly recommend calling in and do some classes or helping out volunteering.. it’s for a great cause.”

Karen Ryan

“My name is Kenneth Seeley. I first got involved with Friends in June fundraising and have become an active member since. I have enjoyed getting involved in the data collection and their BBQ. I fully feel the charity can do a huge amount of good in the community and this is why I want to help in any area that I can.”

Kenneth Seeley

“My journey with Friends charity began when my friend asked me to go to a class they were holding in the centre. The class was mindfulness. I really enjoyed the class and it benefited me in so many ways, I still use the techniques I learned in my daily routine. I would highly recommend the classes Friends hold. They are run by volunteers and at minimal cost. I paid 10 euro for the mindfulness course. I have made some wonderful friends during my time at Friends and there is always a happy and positive atmosphere there. This led to me becoming a volunteer at the shop and I also help with fundraising efforts to raise funds and awareness of the charity. I try to encourage people to become involved in any way they wish as it has given me so much gratification to be a part of friends. It has motivated me in my personal life and I have now become a board member. I am inspired and grateful to friends for allowing me to become a part of their organisation.”

Elizabeth Daly

“I have met wonderful people during my time at Friends teaching classes to the public. I feel welcomed by the charity and also the people who attend classes. This part of Europe is new to me and I have discovered here that there is dialogue and friendships across cultures and that learning can be fun no matter the race.”

Michelle Cardu

“I have attended classes at Friends and have found them exciting, challenging and gratifying. I am so happy I got the chance to attend and Michelle was a wonderful guide. Thank you!”


“I have really enjoyed the class at Friends. The teacher was fantastic. I’m happy when I’m coming here. I would like to paint more after these art classes. I look forward to joining more classes in September with Friends.”


“My name is Samantha McLaughlin. I am 29 years old. I heard about the charity through my mother as she is a volunteer there. I helped out making posters for their BBQ this year. I now also help out at the shop. I became passionate about helping because of what the charity stand for and what they are trying to achieve. I try to let everyone know about the charity and the fantastic low cost services available to them. I am so glad there is a charity like this for people and I hope it continues to grow.”

Samantha McLaughlin